Your specialist solicitor for transport- and conveyance-law

a_barthollMrs. Andreas Bartholl is the only solicitor in Schleswig-Holstein who is permitted to bear the title of specialist solicitor for transport- and conveyance-law since april 25th, 2007.

Our office is specialized in consulting and representing conveyance businesses nationwide and internationally. Not only transport- and conveyance-companys, but also principals and recipients of transports are our clients.

On one hand our services include support and consulting in cases of impairment processing as well as achieving regress, on the other we take over representations in cases of fine- or criminal-proceedings, which often come across with the employments of professional vehicle operators.

We prepare your cooperation- and logistics-contracts and give you support at arranging your pallet exchange agreements.

We are also well versed with the specialties of conveyance trades in labour legislation under consideration of relevant wage agreements and we will guide and represent you in matters of terminating employment-relationships as well as with the elaboration of your employer-employee-contratcs and questions associated to codes of industrial relations.

Our correspondence in international business relations is conducted in english, but also documents in French and Spanish can generally be processed. If translations are necessary, we'll contact you in time. Russian correspondence might be translated in collaboration with a professional translation agency. The costs for this service can be calculated in advance at your request.

Please feel free to inform yourself about our services by browsing our web presence.

The Bartholl Lawyers team